BØ Sommarland

Parque acuático en Noruega, Bø Sommarland dispone de más de 100 atracciones para que mayores y pequeños disfruten todo el verano.

Con esta incorporación, Parques Reunidos continúa su estrategia de crecimiento a través de la adquisición de parques de calidad y líderes de sus mercados.

Situado en un privilegiado enclave natural, al sureste de Oslo, BØ SOMMARLAND tiene una superficie de 35 hectáreas, en las que los más de 200.000 clientes que acuden cada año, pueden disfrutar de unas 50 atracciones.

BØ SOMMARLAND es el parque acuático más grande de Noruega, con más de 100 actividades para todos los públicos (niños, jóvenes y adultos).Su temporada de apertura se prolonga del 10 de Junio al 20 de Agosto.

PARQUES REUNIDOS consigue, así, constituirse como un grupo de ocio diversificado con 22 parques de los cuatro segmentos (atracciones, animales, acuáticos y teleféricos) distribuidos por toda la geografía española, belga y, ahora, noruega. En definitiva, confirmar que esta nueva operación supone para nuestro Grupo que, en cumplimiento de su plan estratégico,incorpora un activo degran calidad en Europa como es el parque acuático BØ SOMMARLAND, el cual se convierte en la base para acometer una expansión prioritaria del Grupo en la zona de Noruega y Escandinavia.

"Sommarland" - a world of fun adventures and exciting challenges. With more than 100 different activities, this is the place where children, young people and adults can have fun together.


Kid's waterpark (Badeland for de små)This children's fun area is specially designed for families with small children. Adults and children can play together in the water. In Vannland waterpark, you'll find a water fun area for small children where Mum and Dad can also join in. Parents can easily keep an eye on their children and there is a wide range of activities of varying difficulty. There is also a baby paddling pool, several slides and a graded-depth pool.

The Beach (Bøverstranda)The Beach is the perfect meetingplace in Sommarland. There is something for everyone at the Beach. Sunbeds, safe water fun area for small children were Mum and Dad can join in or just relax enjoying the children play. There is a wide range of activities, ant the parents can easily keep an eye on their children.

Slides (Sklier)Waterpark with water slides of all shapes and sizes - a paradise for water-loving children of all ages. The slides are fun for children of all ages. There is something for everyone here, whether you want to be a bit cautious at first or leap into safe, but exciting activities. For safety reasons, there are age restrictions on some activities.

The Sommarland River (Sommarlandelva)Go with the flow in the Sommarland River - a 250 metre long artificial river. The Sommerland River 'flows' round an idyllic little island where sun worshippers flock and where you can buy a drink to quench your thirst or other refreshments. To really relax, try lying on a large rubber ring and just let yourself drift along with the flow of the river. Those who prefer more of a challenge, try to swim against the current and face a real struggle when the flow of water increases. Once every hour, all the water is collected and then released, giving those on rubber rings an unforgettable rafting experience on the wave. Lifeguards monitor all activities in and around the river to ensure your safety.

Flow Rider The coolest attraction in Norway and Europe for those who love skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing. The huge artificial wave, Flow Rider, is thought to be the best in the world. The wave was designed by Tom Lochtefeld and the company Wave Loch of La Jolla, California. Tom lives near the rocky crags where the Pacific breakers crash and he has designed artificial waves after extensive study of the waves outside his home. The artificial wave is linked to the Sommarland River and when the wave is operating, the flow of water in the river increases.

Mot i brøstet flume (Mot i Brøstet)Europe's first and so far only rollercoaster flume is an experience which makes you tremble with excitement - you need a bit of courage to try this one! This rollercoaster flume will make you tremble with excitement. You have to have a bit of courage here, enjoy getting wet and steering through tunnels. Up to two people sit in a large rubber inflatable, which is blown up and down along the flume before the ride finishes in a dark tunnel.

Magasuget slide (Magasuget)One of the world's best free-fall slides has been Sommarland's trademark for several years. From the top, it's a sheer drop of 26 metres. Magasuget is a challenge for those who love high diving boards, bungee jumping or other activities which get the adrenaline pumping. However, many ordinary mothers and fathers have risen to the challenge and have done something they never thought they would - and have enjoyed it! Those waiting their turn applaud the achievement, which makes it all the more enjoyable. From the top, 26 metres above the ground, the descent begins with a free fall down a water slide, which gradually levels out as it heads towards the ground. The descent ends safely as you slide into a water-filled channel at the bottom. This acts as a brake.

Space Ball (Sentrifuga)The Space Ball centrifugal slide is an amazing experience in which speed and centrifugal force create the illusion of being in a whirlpool.Space Ball is the season's major new attraction. You begin by throwing yourself into a dark tunnel where you can reach a speed of up to 60 km/h. After the tunnel, you enter the Space Ball itself. Spiralling down towards the centre, this is an experience like no other water slide. When you reach the centre of the ball, you drop into a deep pool.

Steintjoenn lake (Steintjønn)Sommarland is a busy activity park, full of fun and life. Not far from the entrance however, is the tranquil Steintjoenn lake. Here you can borrow a canoe for short trip and this can be a relaxing break. Many people enjoy a canoe ride, paddle up to say 'hello' to the large dinosaur which stands in the water or are lucky enough to see the lake's resident beaver, the real-life version of 'Bøver'n', the park mascot.

Lekeland playworld (Lekeland)Lekeland is a paradise for younger children. There are many exciting activities to choose from. One of Europe's largest playcastles opens this season!For very young children, there are climbing frames, sand boxes with diggers, climbing complexes, rocking horses, etc., and there are also lots of fun activities for older children: Our new playcastle has 3 high towers and a lot of slides. The Casle has indeed challenges for children of all ages!Melvin's Manesje (circus ring) is the arena for Melvin Tix, the park's clown and magician.

The Tarzan Trail (Tarzanløype)On the Tarzan Trail, children meet challenges which really test their mobility skills. Balance, strength and suppleness are required - not to mention enthusiasm! The Tarzan Trail is one of the most popular land-based activities at the park. Children revel in the chance to climb, balance and swing on ropes. It's even more fun in the company of brothers and sisters or friends, but children who meet on the Tarzan Trail quickly get to know each other through taking part in the fun and games.

Las BøgasThe entertainment town of Las Bøgas is a large amusement area. Here you'll find a fairground with a Ferris wheel, merry-go-rounds, casino and amusement arcade with more than 40 different simulators and games. Everyone who likes fairgrounds will love Las Bøgas. Enjoy the traditional fairground atmosphere and go on the Ferris wheel and merry-go-rounds as often as you like - everything is free.

Setra summer farm (Setra)On the edge of the park is the idyllic "Setra" summer farm like a calm oasis between "Las Bøgas" and the waterpark.

Main stage (Hovedscenen)Next to Steintjønn lake is Sommarland's main stage. Events featuring well-known artists are staged throughout the season,.


BØ Sommarland

Sommarland Noruega


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