Darwin Crocodile Farm

The farm and tourist facility operates on approx 70 hectares of land adjacent to the 40km, Stuart Highway, Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory. Established in 1981 the farm has considerable knowledge of captive breeding and crocodile farming and has an international reputation for its production of raw skins, meat and by-products.

Crocodiles are bred and raised on the farm under the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Commission's Crocodile Management Program, to produce superior quality crocodile skins. The juvenile crocodiles are housed in compounds specifically designed to enhance the skin quality and growth rates, whilst minimising stress and disease. Animals selected for culling are two to three years old and up to 1.8 metres long.

Experienced handlers follow stringent guidelines to ensure that only healthy animals with high quality skins are removed for slaughter. The farm uses its on-site abattoir to process its stock. The abattoir is dual licenced by the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries and AQIS enabling flesh products to be marketed at home and overseas. The abattoir has been certified for shipment of meat to the EU and Singapore.

The farm presently houses more than 36,000 animals. Having just completed a multi-million dollar infrastructure upgrade production will rise from around 8,000 animals in 2006 to 15,000 animals in 2010.

Darwin Crocodile Farm
Box 86
Palmerston, NT 0831

Darwin Crocodile Farm

Darwin Crocodile Farm Box 86 Palmerston, NT 0831 Australia


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