Merlin Entertainments

Still only seven years old and brimming with the vigour of youth ... Merlin is already Europe's biggest multi-site attraction operator.

Its 35 attractions and four LEGOLAND Theme Parks across ten countries including the USA continually challenge convention, pushing back traditional barriers with innovations that astound both visitors and rivals alike.

Merlin's famous SEA LIFE Centres - 22 of them in all, luring more than 4 million visitors every year - are each of them a study in subtlety.

Ignoring the headlong rush to build ever bigger, ever more expensive ... ever more impractical marine megaliths, Merlin concentrates on the detail; making sea creatures more at home; immersing visitors more fully in their watery world and delivering a seamless adventure that lingers in the memory, that informs and that above all inspires.

While others fly a conservation flag but do little to deliver ... Merlin's SEA LIFE staff are out there rescuing seals and dolphins; giving decent spacious homes at last to creatures too long confined in tanks too tiny; are bringing rare turtles maimed by man halfway across the continent to give them the care they need ... and are personally pressing home appeals for new protective laws in the chambers of the European Parliament itself!

Merlin has even created a new 'Sanctuaries' brand, headed by the National Seal Sanctuary in the UK, dedicated to the business of rescue, rehabilitation and release of seals and other injured or displaced creatures.

Merlin colleagues in its other core businesses the Dungeons - London, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Edinburgh and York - are no less passionate.

Dungeons bring the darkest chapters of history wailing, screaming ... and often laughing hysterically ... bang into the third millennium.

Death, disease, evil deeds and disaster are their theme ... but entertainment their objective and talented teams of actors and actresses bring fresh ingenuity every day to the challenge of breathing life into scenes lost in the mists of time.

An exciting, educational voyage of discovery for all ages, Earth Explorer involves you totally. You will see and feel how the four natural forces of earth, wind, fire and water have shaped our world, and how they continue to influence our daily lives.

Merlin attractions captivate and enthrall more than five million visitors in all ... and the number is growing steadily.

Merlin Entertainments



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