Treehaven Waterfowl Trust

All 16 species of South African ducks
116 species of exotic ducks, geese and swans
Over 65 species of wild water birds that visit TWT regularly
4 Species of Flamingos
All 3 South African crane species, which form part of a captive breeding program, for release into the wild
Beautiful gardens and cascading water


TWT AT NIGHT We sell excess stock of exotic waterfowl to collectors and organizations all over the world. We house here 140 species of waterfowl and have to date bred 113 species, including all 16 South African species.

Situated 3km from Vereeniging, Gauteng, South Africa, and only a 45 minute drive from Sandton, Johannesburg, Treehaven Waterfowl Trust is an oasis comprising 30 acres of specially developed wetlands dedicated to the world’s waterfowl.

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