Walton Pier

Exciting Rides!
The Hard Rock Waltzer
This traditional ride has been revamped for the 21st century. With disco lights and music it has all the thrills you have come to expect plus great sounds, a must for the teenagers.
The Twist
Dare you ride the Twist? Strap yourself in, you are about to be twisted and spun like never before and all to some great rock an roll music! This ride will get you rocking and rolling for sure.
The Coca Cola Train
Let the train take the strain. Why not just slow down a bit, take in the sea air and relax with a gentle train ride to the end of the pier. If you’re lucky you may even see the Lifeboat being launched or you can just view the beautiful Essex coastline. Remember you will be some ¾ miles out to Sea.
The Dodgems
The Gallopers
Children´s Rides:
There’s a whole host of rides for children. Admission to these rides is by ticket only. There are 13 rides to chose from. Why not pour yourself into the Tea Cups, Fly the Helicopers or Red Barron Planes, Take a safari on the Safari Train (with interactive sound), paddle your way round the Venture River through the wigwam, become a pirate on the Noah’s Lark, you can go sky high on our Cat & Mouse mini wheel or just take life at a slower pace on a traditional fair ground Carousel ride.

Fotos de Walton Pier